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School Kine Cookies

In the tradition of those school lunch days, School Kine Cookies are made of pure double AA butter. We blend butter, cane sugar and vanilla to just the right texture; add flour and blend again until the dough is as fluffy as white clouds over a blue Pacific Ocean. Then we bake them to a golden brown - as if they had lain in the sun on a white sandy beach. The creamy, crispy, bite sized cookies that come out of our ovens will melt in your mouth. We package them with care and Aloha to guarantee your satisfaction.


Cost: $48 a case
($4.80 per bag)
Sell For: $80 a case
($8.00 per bag)
Profit: $32 a case
(before tax)

Our Recipe For Fundraising Success

  • Quality products, with no added preservatives or trans-fat
  • Earn 40% Profit
  • We are available to help and guide you through the entire process
  • Free shipping with minimum size order
  • Free instruction and informational materials to support your fundraiser
  • Everything you need for a fundraiser that is profitable, easy and fun
Minimum order: 8 cases (80 bags); okay to mix and match cases
Free delivery: 30 cases (300 bags) most areas of Oahu
Free shipping: 60 cases - Neighbor Islands and California
100 cases - Mid-West / 120 cases - East Coast and Guam
Payment due: prior to shipment
(cash, cashier check, credit or debit card)

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Chocolate Chip w/ Macadamia Nut Nibbles
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