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Whether this is your first fundraiser, or one of many, all of us at School Kine Cookies are dedicated to lending our years of experience to provide you with a fundraising program that's easy and fun. Because we understand the entire fundraising process, from start to finish, we can work closely with you to create a complete fundraising solution that is specially customized to fit all your needs - from your group type and size, to your expected participation level and specific financial goals.

Take a look at our great fundraising products below and feel free to contact us today - with no obligation. We are happy to guide you through the fundraising process; providing suggestions to maximize your profits and minimize your work – showing you just how easy it can be to raise money with School Kine Cookies.

School Kine Cookies

In the tradition of those school lunch days, School Kine Cookies are made of pure double AA butter. We blend butter, cane sugar and vanilla to just the right texture; add flour and blend again until the dough is as fluffy as white clouds over a blue Pacific Ocean. Then we bake them to a golden brown - as if they had lain in the sun on a white sandy beach. The creamy, crispy, bite sized cookies that come out of our ovens will melt in your mouth. We package them with care and Aloha to guarantee your satisfaction.


Cost: $48 a case
($4.80 per bag)
Sell For: $80 a case
($8.00 per bag)
Profit: $32 a case
(before tax)